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Listen to Nick Swartz tell stories about his life. From growin' up in the small VA mountain town of Clifton Forge to his entry into and career in the tattoo industry. All the rough upbringin', punk rock, family, country, skateboardin', good eatin', blues, ass-kickin', tattooed, hard to believe but addictin' to perceive bullshit that can be packed into each episode. His brother Josh helps out and the guests are the best of the best.
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Feb 28, 2017

*...formerly titled "Snakeskin"

I gotta tell y'all, this episode is long and it's strong and it's all about the stories when Dave "Boysno" heads back up to chill with Nick and Porter again.

In case you've ever wondered, this is Josh (Nick's bro, not Brown) writin' these things and man, this episode I felt more like a fan than ever, just listenin' to these guys cut it up. That's why this one is so late: I kept gettin' lost in the bullshit and having to go back and actually edit the damn thing! Over and over.

I really think you'll enjoy the extra length of this one, and I KNOW you're all going to enjoy everything we have ahead of us. Thanks so much for listening and giving the feedback and just hangin' out with us.

The bullshit never ends.

Feb 21, 2017

*...formerly titled "Krazy"

We've got Keith Harper in the No Lies Just Bullshit studio (actually recorded at Nick's house this time, so the quality dips a bit again, but y'all don't care, right?) this week to talk more about the infamous Absolute Art in Richmond and a bunch of other topics that are guaranteed to entertain.

There's even a Shop Talk on time this week. Well, sort of on time now that the episode is finally uploaded!

Thanks everyone again for stickin' it out as we learn about all this uploadin' and emailin' and all that good ol' shit. We're nailin' it down and it's been real good to hear from some of y'all in the process. Thanks to everyone who contacted Nick and let us know what you're diggin' so far. Hell, we'll probably be at fifty episodes before we know it, and who knows where that's gonna take us!

Keep on listenin', cuz we're gonna keep on bullshittin'!

Feb 16, 2017

*...formerly titled "Update"

Mainly wanted to get this episode out, our second one this week, to give everyone their "Shop Talk" fix since we didn't get it attached to our regularly scheduled Bullshit this week. 

So here's that, and just a little bit of catching up from the brothers Swartz.

Josh found out he fucked up the email when settin' up the website and comes clean with that info. Still tryin' to get the kinks worked out on that one. And Nick recaps everything that has gone down so far on your friendly neighborhood No Lies Just Bullshit Podcast.

First twenty down, and we're down to keep kickin' it rough and tough and ready every week for you. Our loyal Bullshitters. No lies.

Feb 14, 2017

*...formerly titled "Tomahawk"

This episode takes y'all back to the forested hills of eastern Virginia and down the backroads of wild & wonderful West VA as Nick sits down with Andy Sherman, a long time friend of Alley Cat Tattoo and a great artist to boot.

There's a lot of great stories in this one and some wonderful discussion of great music. I think there's plenty of bullshit to be enjoyed in this one.

Unfortunately, we couldn't get a Shop Talk stuck onto this one in time because of how busy we've been around here. But we've got a little something extra to release later on this same week and we'll attach one to that!

As always: enjoy the episode, and contact us if you've got anything to say.

Feb 7, 2017

*...formerly titled "Hogtown"

More bullshit with another heavy hitter this week as Nick sits down with Josh Brown, currently working out of his place James River Tattoo in Lynchburg, VA. The bullshit gets deep and the hot air is long and drawn out on this one, y'all. A real treat for our twentieth episode.

Lots o' call backs in this one to other Richmond stories and artists as the cast of characters surrounding Nick and Alley Cat continues to fill in and entertain. So many good friends, so much great bullshit.

Tatter & AC jump in at the end for another great breakdown of some must-see artwork in this week's Shop Talk.

So sit down, with Josh Brown. No lies.