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Listen to Nick Swartz tell stories about his life. From growin' up in the small VA mountain town of Clifton Forge to his entry into and career in the tattoo industry. All the rough upbringin', punk rock, family, country, skateboardin', good eatin', blues, ass-kickin', tattooed, hard to believe but addictin' to perceive bullshit that can be packed into each episode. His brother Josh helps out and the guests are the best of the best.
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Sep 17, 2019

Shane Enholm returns once again after some traveling on the road, playing shows and visiting sites all around. He stops by the No Lies Just Bullshit studios (for this episode located in a hotel in Richmond) and brings along Nate Harmon and they shoot the shit with Nick for a good while talking about all kinds of history, locations and events focusing on around tattooing.

Porter and Andrew join in for another fun and meandering Shop Talk where the boys sing the praises of some excellent tattooing with a sprinkling of stories thrown in for good measure. Enjoy!

Sep 10, 2019

Jill "Horiyuki" Bonny has been doing Japanese style tattooing for over twenty years and is the owner of Studio Kazoku in San Francisco. Her experience and knowledge of tattooing is vast but her humility and attitude make her very approachable in any setting. Two years ago when Nick was first invited to attend Pagoda City, he was talking to Justin Weatherholtz (NLJBS alumni,) who asked if their was anyone that Nick would like him to connect him with before hand to do a podcast. Nick responded with one name: Jill Bonny. Her work has always been impressive as Nick has a strong love of Japanese style tattooing but he had never even seen a picture of her. Nick just knew that he wanted to talk with her. Jill's passion for tattooing and her desire to honor her mentors is very apparent in this episode. One of the things is most enjoyable about this podcast is her understanding of not just tattoo culture but of Japanese culture. In very simple terms she explains the etiquette required to conduct these interviews and maintain her relationships with these Masters and their families. It cannot be overstated: Nick's affinity for Jill and how much it means to him that she is a part of his life and this podcast is evident in what you hear on this episode. Andrew participates in the conversation, then appears again in Shop Talk, along with Nick and, of course, Porter.

Sep 3, 2019

While at the Pagoda City Tattoo Festival this year, Nick got to make good with a promise to sit down with the one and only Dan Sin and appreciate his tattoos, his accent and his opinions on Europe and the States. It's not a long podcast, but just as memorable as the rest as Nick and Dan share some stories, some laughs and a lot of fun that you'll appreciate.

Shop Talk wraps it up as usual with some seriously good tattoo talk with Porter and Andrew and their weekly show of appreciation and camaraderie with Nick.

Aug 27, 2019

Skinny, Chris and Brandon from Made to Last Tattoo in Charlotte, NC join Nick for an evening of stories while attending the Pagoda City Tattoo Convention. There's a ton of crossover, memories and crazy stories and even a special appearance by AJ from Kings Ave. towards the end. It's a heck of a good time, so don't miss out.

Shop Talk wraps things up as the boys talk about some seriously killer tattoos. Find out what Nick, Porter and Andy are up to at the end of this summer. Bet.

Aug 20, 2019

Angelo Miller from Inksmith & Rogers and Erik Desmond from Loyalty Tattoo in New York have a long sit down with Nick as they discuss a lot of old stories coming up in the tattoo business and share their ideas on how things are and should be. Lots of tattoo discussion on this one, so you know what to expect.

Shop Talk wraps it up as Nick, Porter and Andrew discuss some truly amazing tattoos.

Aug 13, 2019

If you've listened to the show at all, you know how big a deal that the Richmond band Avail is to everyone involved and the majority of guests who've been on the show. If you've listened recently you have probably heard Nick talk about the reunion of Avail. Well this entire episode describes just how that went for Nick, Porter, and Blake Kramer (Troutmouth) and their friends. It's a fun, passionate discussion.

Shop Talk is back this week with the return of Andrew and some serious tattoo love. Enjoy.

Aug 6, 2019

James Hughes is back again to record another episode with Nick so sit back and enjoy a ton of stories and good times throughout this one. There's not a Shop Talk to wrap it up this time, but Andrew does join for a bit. Nick just returned from the Pagoda City Tattoo Festival, so expect to hear a lot about that down the road, too. Enjoy.

Jul 30, 2019

Curt Baer from Iron Mountain Tattoo in Redding, CA hopped on a plane as soon as he secured his ticket to the Avail show so that he could hang out with Nick and see some of ol' VA before the big night.

This episode is super fun and you can feel the excitement for what happened in Richmond recently. A bunch of the Alley Cat gang join in at the end for some good times, too. Then Nick & Porter wrap it up with a duo Shop Talk while Andrew takes care o' business.

Jul 23, 2019

While Nick was down in Richmond recently, he got to record a killer episode with Jelena Wolves from Black Rabbit Tattoo in RVA and Cody Klein, or "Cody Inksmith" as Nick would say, from Inksmith & Rogers Tattoo down in Florida. Lots of history and great tattoo talk as well as plain old good life advice in this one, folks.

Wrap it up like you always do by stickin' around for the Shop Talk. Porter & Andrew join Nick and discuss some tattoos that you will want to see too. Oh yeah.

Jul 16, 2019

Slim Brown is back in the NLJBS studios for a second time to hang out with Nick and shoot the shit in true No Lies fashion. Trevor comes in for a bit and then Jake shows up to hang out and Richie joins the boys, too and makes this a super fun hangout.

Shop Talk wraps things up, as always, with Porter & Andrew joining Nick to talk about some of the best tattoos. Good times.

Jul 9, 2019

Dustin Golden from Fudo Tattoo in Chicago comes back to the 'Burg once again to chill with Nick in Alley Cat where they worked together for years. Lots of great stories and good times are discussed and you'll love hanging out with these guys for a couple hours.

Shop Talk brings it home as usual with some killer tattoos discussed by Nick, Porter and Andrew. Hell yeah.

Jul 2, 2019

Sign painter extraordinaire, Igor down in beautiful VA Beach, Virginia is this week's guest. Nick was catchin' some rays with his family unit down on the east coast and stopped by Igor's sign painting shop to shoot the shit about all kinds o' stuff. Back when Nick recorded with Tony Riccio, he was introduced to Igor and they've been friends since. There's plenty of great stories here, so don't miss a second.

Porter, Andrew and Nick follow things up with a killer Shop Talk filled with wonderful tattoos for your consideration. Enjoy.

Jun 25, 2019

At the Key City Tattoo Convention, Nick got a chance to hang out with the one and only John Glessner. It's been a while since they were stuck in an elevator together, so this time was way more chill as they share stories from their past and just a big ol' helping of bullshit just like we like it.

Nick & Porter catch up with Dean Denney who was also attending the Key City tat con and go down a killer Shop Talk rabbit hole. Good times!

Jun 18, 2019

Mr. Chris is in the hot seat this week with Nick and there's plenty of bullshit to go 'round. We get some more classic Alley Cat stories. There's a lotta liquor talk, some outstanding apprentice hazing and just plain old good times with good friends. Catch a quick update with Sara up front and hang out with Richie on the back end. Enjoy.

Shop Talk is quick but killer this week as Andrew joins the dynamic duo to talk tats.

Jun 11, 2019

Absolute Art in Richmond V A has been moved! Luckily, our friends Jason Hobbie and Brian Bruno join Nick to reminisce, talk shit and discuss current and future plans for AA and its crew.

Stick around for a meandering and wonderful Shop Talk with Chris Porter and Andrew Conner joining Nick for a bit. Hell yeah.

Jun 4, 2019

On a recent trip to Richmond to see the new Absolute Art, Nick got a chance to hang out with Marina, an AA veteran who was in town to check out the new space. She talks about her time at the old building, Richmond and New York stories and all kinds of other tales from really high places to livin' out of a vehicle. It's a great time with some great folks.

Shop Talk wraps up the adventure with the usual suspects back in the saddle. Nick, Porter & Andrew showing you the cool shit.

May 28, 2019

Beau from Avail. If you listen to the show, you know. This is gonna be good. Again. Hell yeah. There's plenty of stuff you haven't heard before, too. So check it out.

Stay tuned for some killer wrasslin' stories as Porter attempts a Shop Talk with Nick and once more without Andrew. They might even mention some tattoos!

May 21, 2019

Returning to the show after a crazy battle with cancer, Driver talks about all kinds of stories on this one. Between the excellent songs and the amazing stories, this one flies by and packs some intensity. Everyone enjoy the show. Shop Talk follows with just Nick and Porter.

May 14, 2019

If you haven't heard of the Gorilla Biscuits or Civ, you're not a fan of hardcore. This is a killer episode that Nick has been trying to get for a while and it all comes together here. It's a long one, but it's worth the journey for some great stories by this hard-working and knowledgeable musician and tattoo artist. Civ has seen done a lot and there's a ton of bullshit here you all are going to enjoy.

Shop Talk wraps it up once again with Porter & Andrew.

May 7, 2019

While down in FL for the Imperial Tattoo Convention, Nick got a chance to finally sit down with Glen Wilson of Glen's Tattoo Service in Wilmington, NC. Over the years Nick has traveled many times to Wilmington, a popular tattoo town and some cool history is shared between these guys. So sit back and enjoy more of your favorite kind of tattoo talk and bullshit.

Of course there's an excellent Shop Talk to follow with Porter and Andrew! So enjoy.

Apr 30, 2019

Dean Denney, of Serpent & the Rainbow Tattoo down in Asheville, NC shows up to Alley Cat to do some tattoos and talk some shit with Nick. Lots of good stories in this one. Plus a great Shop Talk with Porter  & Andrew going in - Enjoy!

Apr 23, 2019

Shane Enholm is back after his recent killer episode of No Lies. Nick chills with him and they share a ton of stories from all ages of tattooing and a big ol' discussion about music that is just great. Shane was back in Harrisonburg to play some music next door to Alley Cat in the NLJBS studios. Good times were had.

Shop Talk has its triumphant return with Porter, Andrew and Nick so y'all enjoy it, ya hear?!

Apr 16, 2019

Mr. Kenny Brown from Jack Brown's Tattoo Revival and also Virginia's classic tattoo convention, the Richmond Tattoo & Arts Festival comes by the No Lies Just Bullshit studios to hang out with Nick and talk a whole lotta shit. There are some excellent stories and great memories here and it's a heck of a show.

Due to the crazy schedule of all of Alley Cat going down to FL for another big convention, there wasn't time to bust out a Shop Talk for this one, but it's plenty long as-is and Porter and Andrew will return next week to talk tats with Nick and with you.

Apr 9, 2019

"Ugly" Thomas Michael from 510 Expert Tattooing in Charlotte, NC is back on the No Lies Just Bullshit show to hang out with Nick and Andrew and a brief appearance by Richie. These dudes are all just great friends who can carry a conversation and we get to sit in and hang out with 'em for a few hours. Lots of laughs and excellent stories, so sit back, grab a drink and enjoy the show!

Shop Talk wraps up the episode, as usual, with our friend Mr. Chris Porter joinin' Andrew and Nick to talk about some killer tats.

Apr 2, 2019

You've heard some of the tales of growing up in the small mountain town of Clifton Forge from Nick and met a cast of characters who lived there. George Moran was another on that list and they sit down and remember old discussions after Nick's paper route and talk about some new ways of thinking and living in general. Just a quick but great bullshit session between two old friends, wrapped up by a Shop Talk with ya boys Porter & Andrew as well. Oh yeah.

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