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Listen to Nick Swartz tell stories about his life. From growin' up in the small VA mountain town of Clifton Forge to his entry into and career in the tattoo industry. All the rough upbringin', punk rock, family, country, skateboardin', good eatin', blues, ass-kickin', tattooed, hard to believe but addictin' to perceive bullshit that can be packed into each episode. His brother Josh helps out and the guests are the best of the best.
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Jan 31, 2017

*...formerly titled "Dubtown"

So this episode is a bit long, a bit wild and very much all over the place. I actually
considered recording an intro for this one to explain some of what's going on, but then I thought - nah! It's just bullshit! Right?

So Nick is talkin' with Sara, our body piercer at Alley Cat. But she's also just an all-out kickass chick who's become a celebrity for all the awesome shit she does, workin' at the shop and because - well, have you SEEN her?! Come on!

Sara's passion these days is burlesque performance, where she's known as the voluptuous Sindi Ray Boustier. She brought her fellow Harrisonburg Harlot, Beth along with her. Beth performs as Isla Palms, though you're treated to the back story about her former name.

Porter and Andrew pop in and out of this one. Nick was a bit under the weather. The vices were in short supply, and the bullshit was real deep. All that makes for a long and winding episode that's a bit different, but just another part this world that keeps us tight and tellin' it like it is. 


Jan 24, 2017

*...formerly titled "Six"

Alright. If you made it through last week's adventures and introduction, there's much more in this installment!

If you make it to the first hip hop song (and past Nick's bashing of one of my favorite bands, Clutch - PORTER, you should've defended them more fiercely!) then you'll enter a long and detailed discussion of rap history and MC descriptions beyond the norm. If you're into it, it's DOPE. If not, try it. If you can.

I fulfill Porter's request at the end of it all and make the episode super duper long by throwin' in a Shop Talk. Enjoy this shit!

Jan 17, 2017

*...formerly titled "Cherry"

Part One of Nick's conversation with our very own Porter.

No explanation necessary. And a Shop Talk.

Jan 10, 2017

We debated whether or not to put this episode out. It's a weird story. Still has us shaking our own heads to this day. The last thing you'd ever catch us doin' is whining about our situation. That ain't the case. There's some interesting points in this one. And, in the end, it's all bullshit anyway and that's what we're here for.

This particular summer "vacation" is one of the reasons you don't hear us lovingly recounting any memories of the father we had before the mountain man who raised us proper came on to the scene.

Nick, Andrew and Porter finish things off on a much lighter note discussing some killer tattoos and the amazing artists sharing them on the internet for us to see. So y'all enjoy!

Jan 3, 2017

*...formerly titled "Cuz"

Hope everyone had some great holiday chill. If you were mellow enough that you remember the last few weeks, this one might sound a bit out of place since we talk about a few things that are 'coming up' that we actually already released. 

We're pretty sure that fine bullshit aficionados like yourselves won't care about a few little discrepancies like that, though. So ignore anything that doesn't make sense. It IS bullshit, after all. We'd never lie to ya'. You're gonna get to meet another true character from the VanNess clan here anyway. And that's always a treat!

Still workin' on the sound issues. We've got some mics and do try them out in the Shop Talk portion of this one, but still have a lot to learn. This is a labor of love for us so far, so we don't have any funds to go full crazy bullshit with this, but we know that getting the stories to you every week comes first. Hopefully sound quality is coming later. If you know somethin' about it, or you know a guy who knows a gal who's cousin knew a dude who could do it - hook a bullshitter up!